Your scalable MES (On-Premise, SaaS, 100% Cloud)

Productys Manager is a ready-to-use MES, fully configurable in license or SaaS mode, designed for planning, monitoring, and controlling your production processes. It offers a user-friendly interface accessible through the web and/or Android.

Guaranteed connectivity with ERP, PLM, automated equipment, workstations, etc.

A production tracking that suits you.

Whether manual or automated, the Productys MES provides you with an accurate view of your production and helps you make informed decisions quickly.

Interfaces and operators

Productys Manager MES adapts to all interfaces and devices, from operators to executives, including team leaders, all with smoothness and ease. 



Resource / Item / Routing / Operation Management

Scheduling and Planning

Production Launch and Management

Quality Control / Decision Monitoring


Manual and/or Automated Tracking

✅ Shutdown Management

✅ Stock 

✅ Electronic Document Management

A comprehensive, generic SaaS or On-Premise solution, MANAGER is open to any custom data supplements and is 100% configurable for maximum flexibility and adaptability. It combines all 11 aspects of MES into a single software with a highly cost-effective quality-to-price ratio.

MANAGER is compatible with traditional investment-based or pay-as-you-go economic models.

Comprehensive Production Tracking

Productys Manager offre un suivi de production complet pour tous les secteurs de l'industrie. Que vous ayez des systèmes automatisés, manuels ou une combinaison des deux, Manager vous permet de gérer la production (prévisionnel, opérationnel et décisionnel).

Real-Time Workload View

Visualize real-time workload with a detailed view of production progress and resource capacity utilization. You can track operations, batches, packaging, and the duration of each operation.

Advanced Planning

Use a concise calendar for a clear overview by month, week, day, hour...

The workshop schedule allows you to visually present progress information, similar to a workshop display or tablet, for a better understanding of the production status. 

OM and Non-conformities

Access Work Orders with the ability to view production related to each machine. Track and manage your production orders for a 360° view of your workshop. 

Production Timeline

Review production time, non-production time, and all information in the form of a production timeline. Gain real-time insight into production with detailed tracking, including the number of rejects. 

Qualification of Downtime and Non-conformities

Qualify production downtime and non-conformities with multiple justifications. You can manage scheduled downtime, non-conformities, and take actions such as waivers, rework, recycling, or disposal. 

Consumption Management

Track consumption with barcodes and easily access associated documents. Logging is recorded for all production, inspection, picking, or consumption operations. 

Reporting and Data Presentation

Productys Manager allows you to generate reports, access the genealogy view to trace product traceability, view downtime causes and non-conformities, all with easy-to-understand graphics. 

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