Connect all your equipment 


Productys PRODCOM centralizes all your available field information and makes it immediately accessible from anywhere within the company.

Real-time display in tables or synoptic diagrams, fully customizable archiving in a free-form, existing, or automatically created structure.


Simplified Connectivity

PRODCOM 23 offers seamless connectivity between industrial PLCs, IoT devices, and databases. Thanks to the OPC DA protocol, you can unify communications between different automation brands, simplifying system integration. 

Intuitive Configuration

Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily configure real-time communications between devices. You can declare the physical variables you want to monitor, all while benefiting from a clear and detailed view of your equipment. 

Data Analysis

PRODCOM 23 enables you to access real-time data from your industrial equipment and store it in databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, or Oracle. This allows you to centralize critical information for analysis and decision-making. 

Comprehensive Logging

PRODCOM 23 generates detailed logs to track each event and action. This allows you to analyze equipment performance and quickly diagnose any potential issues. 

Automated Monitoring and Actions

The monitoring function of PRODCOM provides you with complete real-time visibility of your equipment. You can monitor values, enriched attributes, and events. Furthermore, our automated action system allows you to trigger stored procedures, notifications, and actions in the event of specific events. 

Visualization and Synthetic Graphics

Explore real-time data with intuitive graphs. PRODCOM allows you to create stacked charts, curves, and much more for a better understanding of your industrial processes. 

Configuration Without Programming

PRODCOM 23 has been designed for automation professionals, without the need for computer programming skills. You can configure and customize your data exchanges with ease. 

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