PRODUCTYS is a software and MES solutions provider. We offer both Operational and Decision-Making solutions that are 100% web-based or compatible with Android. Our software is fully customizable and designed for real-time management and monitoring of industrial production, from planning to shipping.




Every process is different, but we offer our customers a generic solution that adapts to their needs.

Set up

You choose the versions and options best suited to your specialty, to adapt your MES to your needs.


You provide the initial information online that will personalize your ready-to-use online instance.

Productys Manager Lite : 
Your Manual MES hosted in SAAS within 48 hours!

Regardless of your industry or craft, you create high-value products using manual processes or non-connected equipment.

Productys Manager Lite (PML) operates based on your manual inputs and declarations. This MES is ideal for workshops, limited quantity productions, and teams starting from 5 people.

PML has a structure similar to its counterpart, Productys Manager, but it offers an easy and quick online implementation.

PML can also incorporate connectivity features with other software and connected equipment, allowing it to gradually evolve into a complete Productys Manager.

PML becomes your everyday MES tool or serves as a POC or PILOT without the need for dedicated infrastructure

Starting March 25, 2024, you can directly subscribe online, taking advantage of a special launch offer for the first 20 references at the Global Industries 2024 show. You can begin the implementation on your own, with or without the assistance of our Support service.


If you know what you need, we can help you find the right solution.


You can try all our solutions free of charge with our live demos.


SaaS or License, from single-user to several hundred terminals.


Our solutions are ready for deployment as soon as you subscribe!

Cloud or License, the choice is yours!

Productys Cloud

Our secure, high-availability cloud frees up your time and space. 
Entrust your data to us with peace of mind!

Full license

All Productys features, hosted directly on your premises!



Your scalable MES (On Premise, SaaS, 100% Cloud)

Productys Manager is a ready-to-use MES, fully configurable in license or SAAS mode, for planning, monitoring and controlling production, with a user-friendly Web and/or Android interface.

Assured connectivity ERP, PLM, automated equipment, IIot, etc.

SAAS: From €19 to €29 ex VAT / Month / User

License: From €4,500 ex VAT for 5 users

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The First MES for logistics extension

The Supply-Chain solution, an extension of the Productys Manager MES, manages all preparations and packaging for shipping as close as possible to production.

From the central warehouse to the end customer, you can prepare all your shipments taking into account production contingencies.

From €9 to €19 excl. VAT / Month / User

License option: €5,500 excl. tax for 15 users

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Complete remote compliance control

Productys Controller is a hosted service that collects and centralizes all your assembly inspection steps, right up to receipt, in a simple, ergonomic full web interface for all media.

Reduce or eliminate expert travel to the bare minimum with an innovative connected video mode!

From 195 € HT / Month

Site license: Contact us

Coming in 2024




Connect all your industrial equipment

Productys ProdCom centralizes all your available field information, making it immediately usable anywhere in the company.

Real-time display in tables or synoptics, 100% configurable archiving in free, existing or automatically created structures

From €125 excl. tax/month

License: From €4,950 excl. tax to €9950 excl. tax unlimited

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Track and distribute all your indicators

Productys Explorer complements ProdCom, making all your information systems available anywhere in the company but also externally in the case of multi-site production. 

Real-time web interface, compatible with all screens and 100% customizable for each user, from Operator to CEO, inside and outside the factory

From €125 excl. tax/month

License: From €4,950 excl. tax for 3 users

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Statistics for industrial production

Do you collect a lot of data? Productys Analyzer makes data speak for itself, enabling you to cross-reference, identify and understand areas for improvement between different production events.

It's possible to provide decision-makers with uncomplicated statistics on your existing data!

From €125 excl. tax/month

License: From €2,950 (excl. VAT) for 1 user

Coming in 2024

References: From small businesses to major corporations

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