Our history and our team.

Productys has been providing MES Solutions and Tools to French and international industrial companies since 2005, with over 500 user clients in 25 countries on 5 continents.

Based in France in Saint-Nazaire (44), Istres (13), Fréjus (83), Angers (49), our team of experts accompanies you towards exceeding your goals.

The company 

Productys SAS was created in 2005 to promote expertise in industrial computing and automation, followed by a partnership with Air Liquide and Schneider Electric to offer process monitoring solutions to their clients.

A first network of integrators was set up to provide local support for Industrial Decision-Making applications, with the aim of presenting production dashboards and dynamic data.

Our tools

The Explorer and ProdCom software has been distributed under our own name or as OEM products to over 400 clients on 5 continents, with historical references. KRONENBOURG, CARLSBERG, UCLAB, LAITA, SENOBLE, or EURIAL have allowed us to create proven solutions.

The MES activity started in 2012 with clients like ZODIAC, SAFRAN, ARC INTERNATIONAL COOKWARE, and LACTALIS, each defining the contours of what PMES, then Productys Manager, would become, but on several software platforms.

Our values

Our motto, "MES for everyone," reflects our determination to offer the best solutions, whether you are a small industry with promising growth or an established major account. 

We constantly strive to exceed expectations by building a strong relationship with our clients and encouraging an internal culture of support and cooperation. At Productys, we are more than a software company; we are a committed partner in your success.

The team

We are currently a team of 15 experienced individuals, based in Saint-Nazaire, Istres, Fréjus, and Angers, primarily serving industrial clients but also in the concrete and logistics sectors.

Your main contacts:

Stéphane CREPET

General Management 

Stéphanie BESNIER

Admin / Finance / HR


Project Manager / Support Manager 



Christophe CAMPINI

Development Manager 

Productys' history & milestones:

  • Stéphane Crepet's presidency at the MES Club for 3 years.
  • Stéphane CREPET elected to the Board of Directors of the FIM (French Federation of Mechanical Industries).
  • Launch of the Logistys Manager extension for logistics adapted to production constraints.
  • Opening of a secondary establishment in Fréjus 
  • Stéphane CREPET elected to the Board of Directors of Symop (a professional organization for creators of industrial solutions)
  • Opening of a secondary establishment in Istres
  • Stéphane Crepet (CEO) presides over the "Digital" group within Evolis and is a Member of the FIM (Federation of Mechanical Industries)
  • Stéphane CREPET (CEO) elected to the Board of Directors of the EMC2 competitiveness cluster 
  • Participation in the Logistys XXL innovation program for all actors in the Nazairian basin, in partnership with Airbus and Les Chantiers de l’Atlantique, and all their logistics subcontractors. 
  • Creation of Productys MES in Web, combining PMES & eWs functions.
  • Entry of 3 shareholders (Sodero Gestion / Bamboo / SAS Pays de la Loire Développement) and an increase in capital 
  • Productys MES for productivity monitoring
  • Productys e-Workshop for paperless workshops
  • Effective sales of IDS in 25 countries on 5 continents!
  • Member of the MES Club 
  • Worldwide commercialization of Schneider Electric IDS (ProdCom + Explorer dedicated to the Magelis range)
  • Schneider Electric Automation Tour: 26 dates throughout France with Schneider Electric Marketing France
  • International partnerships with Air Liquide / GEA / Schneider Electric, the first international clients
  • Productys ProdCom for real-time monitoring / machine connection
  • Productys joins Schneider Electric Alliance with its Industrial Decision-Making offering
  • Date of establishment of the Company
  • Launch of Productys Explorer for 100% configurable production data publishing