Full Remote Compliance Control

CONTROLLER is a hosted service to collect and centralize all control steps, up to receipt, for your assemblies in a simple and ergonomic full web interface, compatible with all devices.

Limit or eliminate expert travel to an absolute minimum with an innovative connected video mode. 



CONTROLLER is designed to be accessible without requiring any special equipment. You can use it with just a smartphone or tablet on one end and a computer on the other.

If your inspections or audits require specific tools, our software can easily integrate them. Feel free to consult with us!

Intuitive Project Tracking

Our two-tier dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your activities, from the overall project down to specific details.

It also allows for real-time alerts and detailed analysis. You can create, track, and analyze your inspection projects seamlessly, reducing unnecessary travel.

Inspection Quality

CONTROLLER allows for the integration of specific equipment for inspection and imaging capabilities in hard-to-reach places, such as drones, GoPro cameras, or endoscopes. 

You can capture photos, videos, and audio to enhance your inspection, control, and audit projects.

Regulatory Compliance

Our software adapts to the strictest standards and regulatory requirements, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, EN ISO 13485, and many others. 

It ensures that your company remains compliant while simplifying the tracking process.

Collaborative and Controlled Document Authoring

With CONTROLLER, you can digitize, monitor, and control your inspection items to identify and correct non-conformities.

Thus, in real-time and with full transparency, your digitized audit gains speed and efficiency.

Project Traceability

Our software provides comprehensive version control, with a complete history of changes for each inspection document. 

You can easily view and analyze previous versions, ensuring compliance and traceability.

Document Customization

Create documents from predefined templates and generate quality control documents with pre-configuration.

CONTROLLER provides customizable templates for various industries, simplifying the creation of documents tailored to your specific requirements.

Multilingual Interface Available

Our interface is multilingual (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES), facilitating international deployment. 

You can manage your inspections, controls, and audits in the language of each participant, enhancing team understanding and collaboration.

Advanced Search in Collected Data

CONTROLLER enables searches by type, date, project name, or user name for quick access to the necessary information.

This simplifies the management of multiple parallel projects and will save you and your teams a lot of time. 

Risk Management and AI

Our software provides planning and tracking of corrective and preventive actions, as well as automatic report generation.

It also integrates an Artificial Intelligence function to anticipate issues and suggest corrective actions, helping you make informed decisions. 

Cloud Compatibility and Mobility

CONTROLLER is available in SaaS mode on the Cloud, offering complete flexibility for field users.

It also ensures data protection through high-security and high-availability data centers.

Explore CONTROLLER, an innovative solution that simplifies your inspection, control, and audit processes while ensuring compliance and quality.

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